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Hand & Surface Sanitizer (Food Grade)

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Amazing Ammar's latest product!


Hand & Surface Sanitizer: Unscented


-Only contain saltwater which goes through electrolysis to produce hypochlorous acid


-Hypochlorous acid is naturally produced in our body to fight bacteria and infections


-Hypochlorous acid is food grade, gentle and has been proven to be safe for all skin types, and is not harmful to the eyes, nasal pathway, and even lungs


-Though gentle on skin, eyes, and lungs, it is extremely powerful as a disinfectant and kills viruses and bacteria within a few seconds of contact


-After reacting to viruses and bacteria, it quickly turns back into saltwater!


-Scientifically proven to help wounds heal faster too


-30ml bottle has approximately 300 sprays


-Locally produced by a local laboratory


-Went through testing (ISO/IEC 17025 certified) to prove it's disinfecting properties quantitatively



-Multi-purpose: Hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer, wound-healing spray, foul-odour eliminator, and so much more!